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With Whitehat’s help, you can focus on growing your business while we check your site and find ways to improve it.Combined with our white hat search engine optimisation and social media optimisation services, your site will definitely be visible, get more traffic and attract new clients.A Website Audit is the professional analysis of your website.It determines which errors are decreasing your site’s quality and visibility on top search engines, as well as determines which elements should be added to your site to .This is because our internal processes change often, as do the tools.I’ve also seen many other processes out there that I would consider good approaches.Conducting a website audit on your own requires the right skills, years of experience, proper set of tools (software), and ample time.As a business owner, you may not have these within reach as you need to focus on your company.

Each API method that can modify data objects calls the start Transaction method in the audit engine at the beginning of the API call and the end Transaction method at the end of the API call. The audit engine generates a transaction ID to identify the changes made in the transaction.A technical site audit crawls your website to check for broken links, which could damage both your site’s visibility and ranking.Normally, we perform a technical site audit together with an SEO site audit in order to check for broken links within the site, remove blackhat-SEO techniques that might hurt your ranking, and check for duplicate META pages and information, keyword stuffing, and non-SEO friendly links.This guide provides instructions on how to do a content audit using examples and screenshots from Screaming Frog, URL Profiler, Google Analytics (GA), and Excel, as those seem to be the most widely used and versatile tools for performing content audits.It's been almost three years since the original “How to do a Content Audit – Step-by-Step” tutorial was published here on Moz, and it’s due for a refresh.

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It is possible, however, to hide certain fields from the audit using a dictionary attribute.

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