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In super sad news, actor Bill Paxton has died from surgery complications.

A family representative confirmed the news this morning.

It was in this pre-show that Bill Paxton, wearing a blue button-up shirt, uttered the famed "finger of God" words that so many theme park fans quote to this day.

With the new attraction gutting any reference to Twister inside, Universal has used a window display to honor the former attraction.

The queues and gift shop have tons of references to various Tonight Show gags and important moments from the history of the show.

Race Through New York replaces the old Twister attraction, which had a cult-like following causing some to go so far to drop hundreds of dollars just to purchase a piece of the closed attraction. Ride It Out attraction was the pre-show with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt.

Rheumatic fever can damage the heart's mitral valve, and less commonly the aortic valve, said Kimberly Campbell, a partner with Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia.

This type of fever has become less common due to antibiotic therapy that is administered for strep throat, Campbell said.

Paxton, whose death was announced Sunday in a statement from family representatives, said earlier this year that he had suffered valve damage from a case of rheumatic fever as a child.We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite Bill Paxton movies to watch today and remember this incredible talent.Kicking off this list is one of the greatest Westerns of all times!If strep isn't properly treated, it can lead to rheumatic fever.Heart surgery is such a well-established field that many procedures, such as bypass and valve operations, are very low risk.

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