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Hornet, the gay dating app and social network, is getting political again — putting up billboards countering anti-LGBT hate groups in cities where they are headquartered. C., with a mobile billboard picturing a male couple and the tagline “We’re building families.The Family Research Council wants to destroy them.” Billboards targeting the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., and Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colo., will follow soon, and Hornet plans to put up messages countering other anti-LGBT groups around the country, with taglines tailored to them.FREE to register - we let you sign up for a UK Date completely free!

"The whole point of this is to make sure that happens by design." Like any night out, the next day can be a bit blurry.

Called Tinder Social, it lets a group of friends say they're interested in an activity, such as hitting a bar or catching a concert.

The app will match them with other people interested in doing the same thing and boom, a wild night on the town is born.

The difference between my experiences when perceived as straight vs lesbian can be jarring, and makes me feel disconnected from my identity.

I wasn't feeling concerned about it until I looked here...

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This process can take hours, days or weeks it is entirely up to you, we want your online dating experience to be safe and fun.

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